These beautiful glass beads have silver plated cores and are designed to sit alongside Chamillia, Biagi and Pandora, yet still be affordable. The silver plated plain beads in the right hand corner of the picture below are stop beads and clip onto the bracelet/necklace to stop beads falling of the end when putting on and taking off. All glass beads are £1 each.

These silver plated 7", 7.5" and 8" bracelets are

only £3 and have the advantage of a secure lobster clasp. There are two plain areas for stop clasps, should you wish to restrict the area of bead movement.

This bracelet shows a 7" bracelet with 5 beads between two stop clasps. An 8" bracelet will hold a maximum of 16 beads.

The beautiful beads below are either semi-precious stones eg jade, goldstone, opalite, sodalite, lapis etc or dyed howlite.

They are all just £1.50 each.