Most of my meteorites are from my husband, the UK's largest full-time dealership. He buys meteorites in bulk from all over the world, which means you will get more grams/£ than from other small businesses. David has an in-depth knowledge of his subject and we can supply datasheets with your purchase.

New in, here are some beautiful carved and polished stone meteorites from North West Africa.

The discs and hearts vary in height (from top of bail to lower tip) between 32mm and 39mm. Glints of polished iron can be easily seen as the pendants catch the light. Closer individual pictures can be sent on request.

All £25 each, including sterling silver chain and box

The following are a sample of my iron meteorite and moldavite pendants.
All come on a 16" sterling silver chain,boxed and in a pretty organza bag. Some of the stock does have a fast turnover, so please ask about current samples

£30 £35 £35



The above 8meteorites are all Sikhote Alin iron meteorites from Russia. As with all our meteorites, they are bought and sold by mass, so some of these are more dense than their neighbours!


These four meteorites are Gibeon iron meteorites from Namibia in southern Africa. Unlike Sikhote Alins, which are generally grey/silver/black in colour, these are always a dark, rusty brown but in distictive shapes.

The far left item is £60, the left one £50 and the two on the right both £35


The above iron meteorites are Canyon Diablos from the famous Arizona Crater. The six on the left are £30 including chain and box, the three on the right are £35 each.
If a large Campo del Cielo iron meteorite is frozen in liquid nitrogen and the lump then hit with a hammer, it cleaves into some of its crystals. Here is a small selection of our small Campo Crystals. The soldered ring is not sterling silver but the 16" chain which comes with it, is.

The three larger Campo del Cielo meteorite crystals on the right are £35, £35 and £40 from left to right respectively

Moldavite is thought to be the result of an impact which formed the Ries Crater in Germany, 15 to 20 million years ago. These highly prized minerals/impactites are found mainly in two sites in the Czech Republic, although the source is almost depleted now. They are a beautiful green colour. The moldavites above are all bought and sold by mass (weight). Although some of the smaller ones may appear comparatively expensive, they are more rounded and therefore more dense. The two right pieces are both £35.

The moldavite pendants above come complete with a sterling silver 16" chain.

These beautiful pendants are Libyan Desert Glass, thought to have formed after a comet or asteroid exploded above the Earth about 29 million years ago. These pendants are on 16" sterling silver chains.

Prices range from £45 to £30 (left to right)

Solar System Necklaces and Bracelets


Each for the price of £25 (These are just a few samples)
Beads are strung on 49 strand Beadalon with 925 silver clasp.

This is a new design of mine, the solar system in semi -precious stones! The array of colours and variations available now lends itself to such beautiful pieces. I have strung the 'planets' either side of the 'Sun' in alternate distances, thus the smallest on the left is Mercury, then the white coral/cracked crystal sphere is Venus, red coral/bamboo for Mars, frosted/coffee agate for Jupiter etc. The large coin Sun is between 35 and 45mm in diameter and the background 'space' dark blue, glittery goldstone beads are 6mm. These look stunning against a black background and look quite glamourous; areal talking point too.

.... and now Solar bracelets too.

These colourful bracelets are made using similar semi-precious beads, the tiger's eye 'Saturn' being 16mm and the yellow 'Sun' being a round bead rather than flat coin for practicality. Once more, all findings are sterling silver.

£20 each

Beautiful semi-precious chip and tumbled bracelets

Great value with these multi-coloured stone bracelets

Semi-precious chip stones include mother of pearl, turquoise, cherry quartz, garnet, lapis, sodalite, rose quartz, goldstone, amethyst, and hematite - to name some of them.

£2 each or 3 for £5

Tumbled polished bracelets (on the top row) are £4 each

If you would like to see more varied, and much larger meteorites, take a look at our main website Space Rocks UK.
There you can browse and learn about all kinds of meteorites