Dichroic Glass is made by a highly-skilled process: thin layers of metallic oxides are deposited on the surface of glass which is then fired in a high temperature vacuum kiln. To make jewellery, artists can mix and match dichroic and art glass and then generally cover with a clear glass. This all entails several firings to fuse the glasses to the desired finish. If you are really interested in the process, click HERE! Pendants catch the light beautifully, transmitting and reflecting different colours as the item catches the light!

These beautiful dichroic pendants are made using exposed rainbow dichroic glass and no clear cover.


They have varying amounts of translucent dichroic glass on top to add an extra dimension.


This delightful dichroic Macaw has been made into a brooch. It is quite large (100 mm long) and would make a stunning talking point on a plain jacket or coat.




These beautiful dragonfly dichroic pendants have a wingspan of about 65 mm, all stunning and unique!
£30 each


As all dichroics are unique, stock will not always be exactly as those photographed. I have more variants in stock and am happy to send you pictures of current ones on request.