All of the single links below are now £1 each with one free. This means you could make a whole 18 link bracelet for just £9! Hurry while stocks last! Email me for specific choices.

These charm bracelets were originally an Italian design but are now available worldwide. They are really popular in USA but are now becoming favourites over here too. Be the envy of your friends by starting one first!
A plain 18 link bracelet is available for only £4. Buy one or more individual links of your choice to replace those in the original bracelet. Watch your very own unique bracelet grow as you add to it! The links are all stainless steel standard 9 mm. Links can be enamel, photographs, laser etched or soldered.

Although I try to keep it replenished, my charm stock does vary. Below are a FEW samples of some of the links I have.

The above Laser Love, Sport and Raised links are £2 each
The above Dog, Cat and heart links are all £3 each. I also have parrots and dolphins

The above enamelled, soldered Disney and other famous figures are £4 each link

I also have 3-link Brats charms which are £3 each, get one free - 6 Brats would make a whole bracelet! Please email for pictures.